Low temperature analysis of

HTS ~ Thin Films ~ Seebeck coefficients ~ SQUIDs ~ Sensors

The world's smallest

fully integrated low-temperature test platform.

The CryoLab

An out-of-the-box solution

Everything you need inside a small casing.

Liquid nitrogen temperatures,

without liquid nitrogen.

The CryoLab

Everybody can use it.

100% Plug-and-Play

The CryoLab

Very fast cycling.

Load, cool & measure

in less than 30 min.

The CryoLab

Low-temperature sample analysis

the fast & easy way.

The CryoLab

  • Thin film research

    Perform Van der Pauw measurements, measure the critical temperature of superconducting films or characterize samples.

  • Solar Cells

    Examine the operation of photovoltaic solar cells at low temperatures.

  • Many more...

    Calibrate sensors, cryocool IR/UV/Xray sensors, improve LNAs, determine material properties over wide temperature range…

News update

Demcon acquires Kryoz Technologies.

The CryoLab S

Full temperature control from 373 down to 90 Kelvin.

How it works...

Click play to see

1. Pick your sample

2. Connect sample to a carrier.

3. Connect carrier to

The CryoLab.

4. Set the temperature

and measure.

The CryoLab.

Measurements at cryogenic temperatures were never this easy.

  • SQUIDs & Gradiometers

    A system specifically designed to perform easy measurements at SQUIDs. Fully temperature control your SQUID. Cool-down time of 30 minutes to 75 Kelvin.

  • Superconductors

    Cool superconducting thin film samples to below their critical temperature. Both cool-down and heat-up of your sample is extremely fast and controlled.

” The CryoLab MSG is a very promising technology for cooling of high-Tc SQUIDs in practical applications. “

Ass. Prof. A. Kalaboukhov

Chalmers University of Technology

The CryoLab MSG

Full temperature control from 300 down to 75 Kelvin.

Cryocooler Comparison Matrix

“ Which system suits your cooling requirements best? ”


Mechanical cooler

The CryoLab

Semi customized solutions

Microcooling optimised for your application

Step 1

Technology match

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


  • No vibrations

    Vibration & EM noise free, does not interfere with measurements.

  • No liquid nitrogen

    No LN2 handling or infrastructure required, cooling on demand.

  • Pin-point cooling

    Fully optimised miniature microcooler chip.

Kryoz offers its specialised know-how & development skills to develop a tailor-made solution and integrate our micro cooling technology with your product.

Increase your system’s sensitivity, accuracy or perform new type of measurements by cryocooling crucial sensors or samples in your measurement system.

  • IR cooling

    Improve signal-to-noise ratio of IR sensors, increase sensitivity.


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